Traditional Chinese Therapy

For more than 200 years, the Traditional Chinese Medicine has gained international approval and has been well established and successful. Primarily, it does not treat the symptoms of a disease, but sees and deals with the body as a whole, giving attention to the individual’s needs and necessities.


Shiatsu is a self-contained form of physical therapy, where the meridians are treated with fingers, palms of the hand, elbows or knees. Stretching and rotations complete this holistic treatment.
Shiatsu has a regulating effect and balances out energetic disharmonies before they can manifest themselves physically. Furthermore, the functions of the vegetative nervous system are supported and the musculoskeletal system is positively reinforced.

Siatsu can alleviate both acute and chronic symptoms in the areas of:

• Neck and back pain
• Joint problems
• Menstruation complaints
• Digestive problems
• Chronic tiredness
• Sleep disturbances
• Internal unrest and nervousness


Quantum Entrainment a technology founded by Dr. Frank Kinslow, is a mastery healing method based on pure awareness or deep rest.
The practitioner does nothing, yet everything gets done.

 5-Element Nutrition

Everyone is different, so it stands to reason that we need to consider the differences in how we nourish ourselves.

 Testing for Food Intolerance

Foods, food additives etc. are tested for tolerance by using the kinesiological muscle test.


Kinesiology is the teaching of movement. The main tool used is the muscle test.
This test is considered biofeedback of body, thoughts, and energies.


Constitutional processes are facilitated and encouraged by stimulating the reflex zones in the ear or on the body by means of small magnetic beads.

 Body Candles

These special candles have an energetically stimulating, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect on the body. The pleasant impact of the herbs and of the undertow, which evolves in the interior of the candle, purges the body on an energetic level.

 Singing Bowls

The sound of the singing bowls causes both the muscles and soul vibrate.
The sound eases tensions, mobilizes the powers of self-healing, and releases energies.

 Bach Flowers

According to Dr. Bach, every illness is based on an emotional disharmony. Bach described 38 different emotional conditions that each has a flower essence counterpart.

These essences are supposed to help overcome each emotional state
Bach Flower therapy can be used on its own or to support other treatments.


Nature offers are broad palate of plants whose essential oils can effectively be used in prevention or treatment of complaints.


Therapeutical cupping is over 5000 years old. Even today it is often used in alternative medicine for the well being of the patient.
Cupping is traditionally considered to be soothing for tension in the neck and head. It activated the immune system, boosts circulation as well as lipid metabolism in the case of cellulite.


Moxibustion is a treatment form similar to acupuncture, used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), whereby acupuncture spots are not stimulated with needles but by the specific application of heat.

 Scar Treatment

It is possible to dejam and energize scars via acupuncture treatment or singing bowls. By dejamming scar tissue, energies can flow unhindered and thus ease any complaints.

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